Friday, 5 September 2008

Films Scans & Photography A-Level

This week is my first week doing A Levels
And I've loved every minute so far.
I am doing Art, Photography, Media Studies & English Literature.

I'm quite a way ahead with my Photography AS Level
as I started it early last year.
I developed my dark room skills and learnt the basics,
developed my first roll of film, etc.
I incorporated some of my developed film into my Art Coursework in the end.

Everything I've done in the dark room
Has been kept in my photogrpahy folder and hardly seen the light of day.
So I decided to scan in some of my photograms and pictures.
Some are better than others.
But I think it needs to be taken into account that
These were the first things I'd ever developed myself,
Going solo in my school's dark room.

As is always essential, these are so test strips I made in preparation.
Then I made three photograms.

Then I had to break for my GCSE exams,
and didn't go back in the dark room for a while.
But I did develop my own roll of film.

The first phot is my first that I developed from scratch.
It's very special to me.

Then I have not set foot in the dark room at all until yesterday
When I made these : )

Now that I'm finally back at school
And I can get my teeth really stuck into my courses,
Expect this blog to be much more active.