Tuesday, 1 July 2008

29/06/08: Radiohead

The other day, to celebrate the end of my GCSEs, I went to see Radiohead (with support from MGMT and Bat For Lashes) with my Dad at the LCCC in Manchester. It was amazing!

I was perhaps the most hated guy in there by the end. In a strange state of shock and excitment, I had my camera in the air the whole time and I took photo after photo after photo. I went completely trigger happy. I took 3.4 Gbs worth of photos, 200 of those have been uploaded to my MySpace and newly created Flickr account (although Flickr is not keen on them and has been regurgitating all but five of the photos for about an hour now). However, here is a handful of favourites.



unperson@live.co.uk said...

You may have been the most hated person at the gig, but I fucking love you and these photos. Thanks!

Jennifer said...

Killer Photos there!

Caroline said...

You have captured some classic Thom moments there, which I was too far back and far too short to fully appreciate. Thanks :)

happyatoms said...

Excellent photos sir, much appreciated.

Lodi said...

unperson couldn't have said it better.

Superb pics! Thank you so much!