Tuesday, 8 April 2008

hectic weekend

this weekend one of our cats seemingly had a stroke and died.
it was quite a shock and basically like losing one of the family.
we have two cats and have been in the family since '89 - two years longer than I have.
that's pretty good going for a cat.

to take our minds off it all, my dad and i went for a drive and listened to The Microphones.
and so began my most productive day in photography ever
(not including trips abroad).

i took so many pictures of that house, because it just worked so well with ther landscape.
it reminded me of the cover of The Microphones' Window:

Looks nothing like it, but the feeling i get from that house, I also get from the house in my pictures.
Yeah, I know, daft, right?

It may not seem as productive as any other day, but these photos are just a 'best of'.
There are at least 50 more just like these.
For about 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon, that ain't bad goin'.


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