Wednesday, 23 April 2008

art exam

This week has been a funny week ...
It's the start of my GCSEs.
I finished my first and longest exam today: my art exam.
Five hours on Monday and five hours today.
Ten hours in total to complete my final piece.

I chose the exam question on Impressionism
And used many of the pictures from my last blog as development.

I produced a series of eight photographs
Showing different times of day
And printed them all at A3 size on one continuous scroll of paper.
It's something I'm very proud of.


Tuesday, 8 April 2008

hectic weekend

this weekend one of our cats seemingly had a stroke and died.
it was quite a shock and basically like losing one of the family.
we have two cats and have been in the family since '89 - two years longer than I have.
that's pretty good going for a cat.

to take our minds off it all, my dad and i went for a drive and listened to The Microphones.
and so began my most productive day in photography ever
(not including trips abroad).

i took so many pictures of that house, because it just worked so well with ther landscape.
it reminded me of the cover of The Microphones' Window:

Looks nothing like it, but the feeling i get from that house, I also get from the house in my pictures.
Yeah, I know, daft, right?

It may not seem as productive as any other day, but these photos are just a 'best of'.
There are at least 50 more just like these.
For about 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon, that ain't bad goin'.


Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

familiar face

my old friend 'the abandoned railway tunnel', before it was abandoned.
these photos were found by Alex Hay and sent to me.
they are taken at the tunnel ("Sugar Loaf Tunnel") in the 1950s.